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Ce ne spunem cand nu ne vorbim - Chris Simion

Cititi-o, e asa...sincera! :)

" A avea incredere intr-o alta persoana inseamna a avea incredere ca omul respectiv nu are nevoie sa fie altfel decat este, nu are nevoie sa fie fals. Si asta nu tine de cat il cunosti pe respectivul om sau de felul in care ti-ar placea sa fie acel om, tine, pur si simplu, de intalnirea de har dintre doua fiinte care se aseamana prin nevoile lor.
Cand un om face ceva pentru un alt om nu pentru ca simte, ci pentru ca i se cere, este fals, mai bine nu face, se abtine. In tine ramane ceea ce simti sa faci, chiar daca ceea ce faci nu coincide cu ceea ce simti. In interiorul tau se imprima ceea ce simti. Neurmand drumul sufletului strangi frustrari, regrete, complexe. Scapate din frau, te intorc la minciuna, la neadevar, la viata ascunsa.
Sufletul pereche este cea mai importanta intalnire cu un om. Este omul-oglinda, omul care te scapa de prejudecati si te obliga sa te vezi asa cum esti, omul care nu te lasa sa te mai minti si care trage de tine sa te cu…

Indian Love Photostory

Fort Alibag, India 2016

Travel! You will feel taller!

Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe, 2014
Travel! You will feel taller!
So you start off in a small village from a small country in Europe, where everything around you seems new and interesting in your first years. You discover the trees and the bees and the nature around you, and then, slowly you move on and  you look up to the sky and imagine something bigger but you have no idea how it would look or feel.
Then, you move to a small town and everything suddenly becomes bigger. High school years are interesting and you discover bigger horizons and yet, you dream of something else.
Then, it is time to go to college and you move to a bigger town. You feel confused and “close” gets a different meaning. “Close” now means 5 km away, whereas “close” used to mean a couple of meters away. It is crazy and huge and it takes so much time and energy to get used to it. Oh, the frustration! You don’t get why people would say “it is close by ” to something that requires walking for 5 km!!!!!!! Eventually you …

Saturday's storm in the old township - Highfield, Harare

How I spent my birthday?

With them, in Kruger Park, South Africa.